WJLFB is designed to help bassists create beginning to advanced walking patterns (smooth-sounding lines) that can be used in jazz, blues, R&B, gospel, latin and country music. By explaining the basics of intervals, chords, and scales, the author builds a framework for understanding walking bass line patterns. The book presents one, two and four- measure patterns that can be used in playing the blues, rhythm changes, the II-V-I progression, and 20 popular jazz standards (see Table of Contents). The book is written in standard notation with chord symbols, however, reading skills are encouraged but not required. All notes of the scale are assigned a number or interval. Simply play a major scale (corresponding to the chord) and count 1- 2-3-4-5-6-7-1.

Part 1 gives examples and exercises to a variety of chord relationships. Part 2 contains 20 jazz standards (chords only) with page references for the students to review and "plug in" previously learned patterns. Part 3 contains written versions of the 20 standards. You can listen to the recording and follow along with the bass part written out.

The last section of the book includes six variations of blues changes and four variations of rhythm changes.

Also included in this section are daily exercises, scale patterns, modes and a recommended song list. The play-along tracks give you the opportunity to play with one of the finest rhythm sections around. It is in stereo with the bass, piano and drums on the left, piano and drums on the right. The examples in the book are presented with sample bass lines or as chord progressions only. You can either follow along with the bass (left channel) or practice your own lines (right channel) with piano and drums as your accompaniment.

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